Hi Friends,

Few days back I received a call from one of my friend mentioning that he ran into an issue while alwayson availability group setup. He did add two replicas successfully but at the time of validation, configuration wizard failed with following error (I’ve pasted error screenshot as well);

Checking for compatibility of the database file location on the secondary replica resulted in an error. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.HadrTasks)


My friend used ‘Full’ option in Select Initial Data Synchronization Page. From error message it is clear that, Primary replica is trying to search for data folder location in secondary and as a result they don’t match, setup failed. There are two different ways to address the issue i.e. EITHER;

1. Match file location on both the instances if ‘Full’ option is selected on ‘Select Initial Data Synchronization Page’


2. Manually sync the data by backup/restore in secondary then select ‘Join Only’ option in ‘Select Initial Data Synchronization Page’

We decided to Prepare Secondary Database Manually then used ‘Join’ option in ‘Select Initial Data Synchronization’ Page and configuration went fine. You can refer MSDN to know further on Select Initial Data Synchronization.


Kanchan Bhattacharyya

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