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Arsalan Khan, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education Arsalan Khan, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education
Arsalan Khan

About Arsalan Khan

People know me as 'Khan' ... nope not Shah Rukh's movie but Star Trek II - Wrath of Khan and since than 'Khan' it has been. Born and raised in Dubai before moving to US for my masters. Been blessed with solid 8+ yrs with SQL (and counting) and currently working for the biggest publishing house as Sr. Database Administrator. I have had an opportunity to speak about tips & tricks to write efficient tsql for Quest International Users Group (PeopleSoft). Love playing TT, badminton and thoroughly enjoy watching cricket when not occupied with my loving daughter. Expertise in DR, Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting and Problem Solving. With that being said I have finally decided to roll my sleeves up and give back to the community bit by bit. Finally.. as my wonderful wife puts it ... "if you don't have a smile, I will give you one of mine ~ Rabia Khan" ~Cheers

SQL Server 2005 SSIS Error Loading Type Library/DLL

As part of consolidation for a client, I came across a minor issue with SQL Server 2005 SSIS. While opening SQL Server 2005 SSIS there was an error ‘Loading Type Library/DLL’. The first thing I crossed checked was if I was using the correct SSMS version and no issues there. Looked at the error one […]

Failure Inserting into the Read-Only Column

A common snag that I have seen while using the Import & Export wizard over the years is running into – Failure Inserting into the Read-Only Column. Lot of us have panicked but the reality is to simply click on the check box OR write a 2 line tsql code. Here is what the error […]

Unable to Create Linked Server for SSAS Provider MSOLAP

Recently I ran into an odd scenario. Net new SQL servers were built in Dev, QA and Prod. I had to create Linked Servers to SSAS. All of these were on SQL 2012 enterprise Sp2 + Kb2969896. All was great till I was unable to create linked server for SSAS provider MSOLAP.

The 32-bit OLE DB provider […]

SQL Agent Job Error CMDEXEC subsystem failed to load

We have been recently migrating a lot of physical clusters to virtual. The quickest way to move sql agent jobs was to restore MSDB database. To validate if jobs were in order we executed our System Backup job and surprisingly it went in ‘Suspended’ mode. Investigation for the failed job revealed:

[LOG] Step 1 of job ‘DatabaseBackup […]

Creating Linked Server from SQL 2012 to SQL 2000

We all know that creating linked server from SQL 2012 to SQL 2000 does not work using the new native client SQLNCLI11. This client only connects to the following: 2005, 2008, 2008R2. Currently for one of my clients, we are virtualizing the environment to OS & SQL 2012, thus the need for this blog to show the workaround. […]

Install Client Tools on SQL Server Cluster

Recently I was approached and asked if there was an easy way to install client tools on SQL Server cluster. There is an easy way without ripping out and reinstalling the entire cluster. Also before we proceed further note the Database Engine and Analysis Services components are the only SQL Server 2014 features that […]

Slipstreaming SQL Server

As promised here is my take on Slipstreaming SQL Server. I will touch on a WHY and HOW. If you have been following my previous blogs, my intention is to get work done by spending fewer cycles (automate if possible)… in short save TIME. I will walk-through the process for SQL 2008 & SQL 2102. If you […]

SQL Server in Windows Server Environment

This blog is intended to be a guideline for installing SQL Server in Windows Server environments. This came about as I am heavily involved with virtualizing SQL Server in different Windows environments. Detailed information can be found in kb2681562

I will touch base on the following Windows environments:

Windows Server 2012R2
Windows Server 2012

SQL Server 2005

Note that SQL […]

SQL Server – Understanding Logical Query Processing (LQP)

“TSQL is 2 faced!” – cried the app team member

“Have you been watching Batman?”

Recent conversation with application folks made me think and I decided to break it down on Understanding Logical Query Processing (LQP).

Logical – is the conceptual understanding of the statement and what will be the result set
Physical – is what is processed by […]

SQL Sever SERVERPROPERTY – The Unused Power

Over the years I have seen admins struggle when asked to provide SQL instance level information. They right click here and there and YES I was one of them till I was introduced to SQL Server SERVERPROPERTY. This TSQL is either unused or underused and I intend change that by unleashing a fraction of […]