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Avanish Panchal, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education Avanish Panchal, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education

Avanish Panchal


Avanish Panchal

About Avanish Panchal

Avanish carries around 14 years of experience in IT industry. He is post graduate in Computer Science, followed by Masters in Business Administration. He has worked on multiple technologies like SQL Server, .net & Sybase with world largest bank(s)/IT consulting firm(s) like JPMorganChase, CapGemini, Datamatics etc. Currently holds position of Database Architect in BioPharma Global Leader. His area of focus are SQL Server DB Engine, Security, Storage, Virtualization & Infrastructure Consolidation. Passionate for delivering Database IT Infrastructure to satisfy and exceed the needs of the enterprise. You may find him active on various forums like SQLBangalore, SQLServerGeeks & many more. His SQL Server passion helped him to be the Core Team member of Asia's First SQL Server Conference in 2015 @ Bangalore (#SSGAS2015).

The more you learn, the more you earn!

“The more you Learn, The more you earn” – quote by Frank Clark, always inspires me to strive for new learning and implement those learning into my routine life irrespective of personal or professional. Being a decade old SQL Server professional, experienced a wide spectrum of SQL Server versions from 2000 to 2016 (Wow! […]

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SQL Server 2016 – Dynamic Data Masking


So I’ve reached to my final blog about SQL 2016 Advance Security features (couple of discussed in my previous blogs 1 & 2). In this blog I’m going to put forward “Dynamic Data Masking” (DDM) feature with a great interest.

As I’ve a practice of putting technical things through live examples, here is the one where […]

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SQL Server 2016 – Row Level Security

Dear Friends,

In conjunction to my previous blog, picked up another most awaited feature Row Level Security in short RLS. Current database world many RDBMS are emphasizing towards security as some or the other DB holding sensitive data. So far this kind of solution is available in SQL Server through T-SQL VIEWS/FUNCTION but restricting access […]

SQL Server 2016 – Always Encrypted

Dear Friends,

As SQL 2016 going to be launched very soon, I’m taking an opportunity to talk about interesting feature SQL Server 2016 – “Always Encrypted” & some of you would be looking for years (honestly speaking I was for sure).

Either its physical data security, logical data security OR fetching data by DBAs, developers and […]