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Kanchan Bhattacharyya, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education Kanchan Bhattacharyya, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education



Kanchan Bhattacharyya

About Kanchan Bhattacharyya

Kanchan is an astute IT professional, a seasoned SQL Database Administrator with 13+ years of industry experience. A calculated risk taker with deep technical knowledge and has gained proficiency in database consulting and solutions across different environments. Kanchan holds MBA degree in IT and an International Executive MBA in Project Management. He is very passionate about SQL Server and holds MCSE (Data Platform), MCSA – SQL 2012, MCITP – SQL 2008 certifications. Currently he is focusing on cloud and latest releases of SQL Server. When not working, Kanchan likes to spend his time reading on new technical developments specifically on SQL Server and other related technologies.

SQL Server Execution Plan (One Operator a Day) Index

Dear Geeks,

Last Staurday, 18th July while interacting with attendees of SQL Server Day event held at Gurgaon and feedback from my friend Prince, I realized that I should publish a revised index of my series One Operator a day.

I published TOC for the same sometime back as per the advice of MSDN moderator Ronen […]

Auto parameterization in SQL Server

Dear Friends,

Today we are going understand auto parameterization in SQL Server. In simple words SQL Server query optimizer may return the same plan in the cases where it doesn’t matter which parameter value is supplied in a query. So query optimizer may decide to parameterize queries in cases where the specific parameter does not […]

SQL Server optimize for unknown and local variables

Hi Geeks,

In my previous blog post we saw how parameter sniffing could negatively impact any query performance when SQL Server query optimizer decides to sniff parameters. There are different ways that helps us to avoid this problem and today I’m going to discuss SQL Server optimize for unknown and local variables.

Local variables

Let me modify our stored […]

Parameter sniffing in SQL Server

Hi Friends,

SQL Server uses histograms from statistics objects to estimate cardinality of a query and this helps SQL Server to produce an optimal execution plan. Query optimizer has to inspect values supplied in query parameters and this behaviour is called Parameter sniffing in SQL Server.

Plan cache can store execution plans so that they can […]

SQL Server narrow plans (per-row)

Hi Friends,

When we update any data which has to modify and update existing non-clustered index using per row is also known as SQL Server narrow plans. In per row operations (narrow plans) the updates to base table and indexes are performed by a single operator and as name suggest one row at a time.

It […]

OPTIMIZE FOR query hint in SQL Server

Hi Geeks,

Many of us might have experienced that a query runs perfect for long time then suddenly it started performing very bad with no clues. After lot of investigation, we find that parameter that are supplied by application to run the respective SQL query performs well but sometime because of certain value the plan […]

SQL Server plan guide and execution plan

Hi Geeks,

Think of a situation when you want to apply query hint to a query that is part of application code but development team is unwilling to touch application code. Does this mean there is no way other than changes to code, the answer is NO. We can force a query to use a […]

SQL Server expand views hint and execution plan

Hi Geeks,

Today I will be talking about SQL Server expand views hint and its impact on execution plan. We will create an indexed view first then dive into the topic.

Now, let us run following SQL statement and see the execution plan.

Above plan uses indexed view instead of query. Now let us use EXPAND VIEWS hint then […]

SQL Server query hints execution plan – Part3

Hi Geeks,

Welcome to the Part3 of SQL Server query hints execution plan. You can read last two posts by clicking Part1 and Part2. Today we are going to see how we can control union operations in execution plan.

From above figures, though Concatenation operation (read here Part1, Part2, Part3) is cheap but Sort (read here […]

SQL Server query hints execution plan – Part2

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the Part2 of SQL Server query hints execution plan and you can read Part1 by clicking here. Let us start with a simple query. In the example below we have a GROUP BY clause that is used to display count of each City in Address table.

Default choice of the query optimizer to […]