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Mridul Chandhok, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education Mridul Chandhok, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education



Mridul Chandhok

About Mridul Chandhok

MSBI Developer having 4 years of experience in Report Writing using SSRS. Writing ETL packages for both OLTP and DW databases Using SSIS with focus on package optimization. In free time I love to explore new stuff on SQL Server. Love Bicycling and Swimming. Die Hard Fan of Heavy Metal Music.

SQL Server Integration Services – An Alternate to Slowly Changing Dimensions

Hi Friends,

The blog post will teach you to achieve the same effect as slowly changing Dimension (SCD) transformation without using the SCD transformation of SSIS.

The steps will guide you as to how we can create the SCD effect using the transformations in SSIS without using SCD.

The SCD is used to populate the Dimension tables […]

SQL Server Integration Services – Performing Audit in SSIS

Hi Friends,

In this blog post, let’s have an insight on how Auditing can be done in SQL Server Integration Services packages?

The basic auditing in package includes measures like

How many rows were inserted, updated or deleted, package name, status, etc. The information to be captured depends on personal choice or project needs.

So, Let’s create a simple […]

SQL Server Integration Services – Sequentially Inserting rows into Excel Spreadsheets from sql server table

Hi Friends,

Here’s an interesting scenario on SQL Server Integration Services.

How to Sequentialy Insert specific number of rows into excel spreadsheet and dynamically generate a new spreadsheet for next set of sequential insert?

Suppose, I have 10000 records in my table and i want to export  a specific number of rows, let’s say 900 records in […]

SQL Server Integration Services – How to configure single Source and destination in Data flow to be used by multiple databases and flat files?

Hi Friends,

A few days back I came across a scenario where there were multiple flat files and the data were to be loaded into different databases. The good thing about the whole process was that the files were named in format


And the table structures were same in all the databases, also data structure in […]

SQL Server – Display Custom message Instead of “Command(s) completed successfully.”

Hi Friends,

In this post I am going to brief you about DDL Triggers and how you can utilize them to display your own custom messages instead of “Command(s) completed successfully.”

DDL Triggers are special triggers which fire in response to Data Definition Language statements. They are used for administrative tasks in database such as auditing […]

SQL Server Common Table Expression – Creating a Calendar


In this post I am going to discuss, how to retrieve a month’s calendar by passing month and year as parameters to the script or procedure. The important point to note here is that if we use SQL Server Common Table Expression there is no need to create temporary table or table variable to store […]