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SQL Server Analysis Services – Expose OLAP Cube over HTTP port 80

This white paper will navigate you through the process of exposing SQL Server Analysis Services cubes over port 80

Prequisites :

SQL Server Analysis Services server must have IIS installed (if both the servers are different you might need to setup kerberos authentication between IIS + SSAS server for MSOLAP)

For IIS 6.0 (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc917711.aspx)

Port 80 must be open for outgoing on […]

SQL Server Monitoring – Automating SQL Server Health Checks (SQL Server 2005 & Above)

It’s a known fact that an ideal Production DBA is like a parent to 100’s of children. By children I mean database servers, and yes, they are like babies to DBAs. No matter how unpleasant your child is you have to take care of each of them. As a DBA, it’s your responsibility to […]

SQL Server Monitoring Counters Important

Hello Guys,

We all are aware that monitoring a database server for that matter any server is of prime importance in order to ensure business continuity. I will be talking only from database perspective and to be very precise SQL server.

As any DBA I am also responsible to ensure uninterrupted availability of database servers. Monitoring is […]

SQL Server Identify Unused Tables & Indexes

It often happens that DBA’s/Developers end up creating database objects(mostly tables) during development phase for various reasons like intermediate testing or backup. Such objects often end up on production databases.

DBA’s/Developers often repeat same things on production databases as well

Probable Reasons

Backup before performing quick fix
Performance optimization

It is always a good practice to delete such objects […]

SQL Server – Get TOP 5 Tables Consuming Maximum Space

I always say that database sizing is one of the prime tasks and concern for any DBA. As a DBA you should ensure that there is no single record claiming space in the databasefor no reason.

DBA’s should keep an eye on table size regularly. Unreasonable data or tables should be chopped off as soon […]

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SQL Server Identify Long Running Queries

sql server identify long running queries

It is always a big challenge to maintain application’s performance optimum.

Increasing data on regular basis is often the cause for performance degrades. In most of the cases end users report the slowness in the application, only then DBA’s/Developers jump in and begin the optimization exercise.

Ideally, DBA’s/Developers supporting the application should be […]

SQL Server: SQL-Getting rid of unused space in table


Database sizing is one of the most critical tasks for any DBA.  One of the DBA’s tasks is to also ensure optimum performance. Database/table size is one of the key factors impacting the performance.

Hence, it becomes essential to keep close eye on data volumes entering and departing the databases.


I am sure most of the […]