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srikanth manda, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education srikanth manda, Author at SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education

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srikanth manda

About srikanth manda

I have got more than 9 years of experience in SQL Server and Microsoft Business Intelligence. Currently am working as Technical Architect in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Hyderabad. Very well versed in trouble shooting, Performance tuning, resolving the issues. Presently, exploring on the Bigdata and Hadoop, Spark and Scala.

Data Files moving from On-Premises to Azure Data Lake Store using Azure Data Factory

Azure Data factory is a cloud based Data Integration Service that Orchestrates and automates the Movement and transformation of data.

Step 1: I will place the multiple .csv files in the local drive in the “D:\Azure Data Files\InternetSales” as shown in the below screen shot

Step 2: I will create an Azure Data Lake store in […]

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Dynamic Data Masking in SQL Server 2016

Microsoft has introduced an impressive new feature in SQL Server 2016 called Dynamic Data Masking (DDM). Dynamic Data Masking allows a developer or administrator to decide how much of the
sensitive data to reveal with minimal impact on the application layer. This feature also helps to simplify the design and coding of security in your […]

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Row Level Security in SQL Server 2016

Row Level Security in SQL Server 2016 – Allow access to Subset of Records.

There might be requirement to provide security at the record or row level, you will able to do this Row Level Security feature that is introduced with newer version of SQL Server i.e.; SQL Server 2016. In this post, I […]

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SQL Server 2016 — Polybase (External Tables) and Azure Blob Storage

What is PolyBase?
In this Article, we will discuss new feature called PolyBase with Microsoft SQL Server 2016. Why Microsoft has introduced in the SQL Server and why it is needed.
If you see from Data Warehouse scope is progressing and we see that there is an increasing volume of data from a lot of sources. […]

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