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Quick Tip :October 2011 postings

Quick Tip

SQL Server: Fdhost.exe can be stopped to avoid a reboot while apply Service Pack 2 to SQL Server 2008

2/21/2012 5:21:29 AM by Quick Tip  -  Comments: 0  -  Views: [18733]

While apply Service Pack 2 update to a SQL Server 2008 instance, you might come across the following: This basically means that if fdhost.exe is stopped, than a reboot will not be required. Fdhost.exe is the Full Text Search Service and can be stopped from the Services Control Panel or from SQL Server configuration Manager.

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Quick Tip

SQL Server: Want to see the complete memory dump of the page - use DBCC PAGE command

2/21/2012 5:30:25 AM by Quick Tip  -  Comments: 1  -  Views: [4613]

DBCC PAGE is one of many undocumented and unsupported commands in SQL Server. However, it is safe to use it. It is widely used by SQL folks, Microsoft SQL engineers for troubleshooting purposes. For example; DBCC PAGE ('AdventureWorks', 1,300,1); The above command gives the complete hex dump along with slot array information of Page 300 from file 1 of AdventureWorks database. The last parameter is stands for output style and can have 4 possible values (0,1,2,3). If we change the last parameter t...

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Quick Tip

Want to disable Lock Escalation in SQL Server?

10/3/2011 12:30:35 PM by Quick Tip  -  Comments: 0  -  Views: [7171]

Lock escalation in SQL Server happens automatically when the number of Locks threshold is reached orthe memory threshold of the lock manager is reached. Locks are escalated from ROWS/PAGE to TABLEor PARTITION (if the table is partitioned and partition-level locking is enabled). However, lock escalation can be completely disabled using TRACE FLAG 1211. Use it wisely as it canimpact DB engine performance. TRACE FLAGS are mostly used to diagnose performance issues ! Alternatively, you can use TRACE...

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