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Database Administration


Database Scoped Configurations and Trace flag 4199

Those who are working on query performance whether you are a DBA or Developer I am sure you guys must have used trace flag 4199.  TF 4199 enables all query optimizer related fixes.Microsoft used to have separate TF for each hotfix applied to query optimizer prior to SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 (SP3) Cumulative […]

SQL Sever 2016 – sys.dm_db_incremental_stats_properties for Incremental Stats

Hello Friends,

During various troubleshooting scenarios, we generally check the statistics information on the objects. These statistics information helps us a lot to detect the root cause. There is a DMF that we use to check the statistics information i.e. sys.dm_db_stats_properties. This DMF requires the object id and stats id to return the details.

SQL Server […]

Rightly Estimating the Azure DTU

As the move to Azure getting popular for SQL Server, the adoption involves a step to understand the costs associated with the migration – The measure of an Azure DTU. Yes, the most under-explained term of the Azure world. Azure DTU is the term, heard so often and yet, unless shown on your bill, very […]

DBCC CloneDatabase

This blog was due from a long time.  With the release of SQL Server 2014 Service pack 2, a new DBCC command included that is DBCC CloneDatabase. My primary job role is to do query tuning and I was looking for this kind of functionality. Using this command, it is quite easy   to copy […]

Step by Step Guide to Install, configure and Run R script in SQL Server 2016

Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics in 2015 and integrated R in SQL Server 2016.Today I will show you how to install, configure and run R script in SSMS. Like all other Microsoft software installation of R is pretty easy. You just need to run the set up and with few click on Next button will […]

New Security Features In SQL SERVER 2016 – PART 1

Data Security in any application is vital. Different business or application  has their own security policy.  SQL Server 2016 provides three new security features which helps to protect data.

Below there are new security features added in SQL Server 2016.

Row-Level Security (RLS)
Dynamic Data Masking (DDM)
Always Encrypted

In this part of blog, we will see use case […]

Trace Flag 634 – Disable Background Columnstore Compression

Hi Friends,

In Columnstore Technology, we knows that Column data stores in segments and segments groups together to form the rowgroup. One of the main reason of using Columnstore technology is compression of rowgroups. By default, SQL Server perform compression of closed delta stores. This tasks is done by tuple mover. Which invokes after a […]

Setting SQL Server Start-up Parameters across Multiple Instances

Hello Geeks,

This is the first blog of the part of blogs set I am going to write for next few months. I have been working on a centralized approach for Database Administration. I know this has been mostly the case for bigger organisations. This blog series will target DBAs who are finding difficult to […]

Resource Governor to Control Physical IO

Hi Friends,
Microsoft introduced so many new features and improvements with SQL Server 2014. These features make the life of DBA easier. In addition to these features, One of the improvement provided in SQL Server 2014 is about Resource Governor. Resource Governor is a well-known feature of the SQL Server world to manage the system resource consumption. […]

SQL Server 2016 – Batch Mode Processing with Serial Plan

Hello Friends,

There are lots of features and improvements announced by Microsoft in SQL Server 2016, one of them is providing batch mode processing with 900 rows batch size. SQL Server 2016 uses batch mode processing even if the execution plan is a serial plan which was not possible with previous versions. Due to this […]