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Max Server Memory – A Tale of Seven Wonders – Wonder 4

Hello Geeks,

Welcome to the new series of seven wonders of SQL Server. These are not the wonders which make you say Aww. These are the ones which make you really wonder why. I will be covering the seven of such jaw dropping situations where you wonder what is happening and few bizarre reasons why […]

SQL Server Trace Flag 845

Hi Friends,

This is my third blog in the series of “SQL Server Trace Flags”. You can go to previous blog by clicking here. This blog is about SQL Server Trace Flag 845.

Initially locked pages in memory feature came with enterprise and developer editions. If we want to use SQL Server standard 64 bit edition […]

SQL Server Memory Optimization Advisor, SQL Server 2014

Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoyed my last week’s blog post on In-Memory OLTP. Very recently, Microsoft released SQL Server 2014 CTP2 with some cool set of new features. SQL Server Memory Optimization Advisor tool is introduced to implement In-memory technology as part the release which I believe is one of the coolest features to […]

SQL Server In Memory OLTP, Hekaton

Dear Friends,

Memory optimized database technology is an important feature of SQL Server 2014 also known as Hekaton to optimize SQL Server In Memory OLTP workloads. Today we will find out how we can implement this in SQL Server 2014 using a simple example. As part of this demonstration, we will follow the steps mentioned […]

LRU-K algorithm – Quick look

Dear Friends,

To start with; we can use a data or index page only when they exist in memory. For improved performance it is very important to keep alive the supply of buffer page for immediate use failing which would result in searching out many memory pages to locate a free buffer to be used […]

SQL Server max memory – why to cap in 64 bit environments

Hi Friends,

There is lot of questions floating around sql server max memory capping in 64 bit environments which I thought of discussing with an example so that we could have a picture as to why this setting is recommended.

As we know in Win32 memory architecture, each process has a 4 GB address space (2^32 in size or […]

SQL Server Parse DBCC MemoryStatus using Powershell

A few days back I was resolving a memory issue which caused sql server to stop responding. I was able to figure out the issue by looking into SQL Server Parse DBCC MemoryStatus output. It was the full text search which was taking lot of memory. However, doing this I realised that examining DBCC […]

SQL Server Key Lookup vs Index Seek – Buffer Pool Part 3

Hi Friends,

Today I am going to explain about the impact of non clustered indexes on buffer pool or you can also say it as SQL Server key lookup vs index seek operation. Actually this is the continuation of SQL Server Buffer Pool Series. Link is mention below for previous blogs:

SQL Server Buffer Pool Part […]

SQL Server Buffer Pool Part 2: Impact of Clustered Index on Buffer Pool

Hi Friends,

Here, I am going to introduce you with a very interesting thing about clustered indexes. We all knew that when we execute a particular select query then the required data pages first comes in to the buffer pool. Actually SQL Server reads complete extent rather than individual data pages. But the interesting thing […]

SQL Server Buffer Pool Part 1: Deep Look inside buffer pool

Hi Friends,

Today, i am going to explain various things about the sql server buffer pool which is also known as buffer cache. Buffer Pool consist of various type of cache like data cache, plan cache, log cache etc. Here data cache is the very important part of buffer pool which is used to store […]