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SQL Server Architecture Archives - SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education SQL Server Architecture Archives - SQL Server Blogs, Events, Webcasts, Videos, SQL Server learning & education


SQL Server Replication Log Reader Why and How latency occurs

We, as a DBA, have many times been in a situation where your log reader goes into latency and no matter how much you troubleshoot it come back when it should and there is nothing you can do about it. Yes, as per the design on SQL Server Replication log reader there very little […]

SQL Server Job Performing Completion Actions Blocked: An Interesting case


Recently we had an issue with chain blocking and most of the jobs are complete but do not finish. When observed in Job Activity Monitor most of the jobs say “SQL Server Job Performing Completion Actions”. This doesn’t give you any idea about what is the job doing in the backend to finish. When […]

SQL Server SNAPSHOT Isolation mode in FILESTREAM database on SQL Server 2008

Dear Friends,

Last week we have had a situation where one of our colleague(s) was trying to change database isolation to SQL Server SNAPSHOT Isolation in one of the SQL Server 2008 instances for which we has greeted with following error message;

ALTER DATABASE failed because the READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT and the ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION options cannot be set to […]

SQL Azure Architecture

Hi Friends,

SQL Azure architecture contains four layers that works collectively to provide cloud based relational database. To name them;

Client Layer
Services Layer
Platform Layer
Infrastructure Layer

These four layers help SQL Azure to work with third-party applications, open source, and many other technologies. This layered architecture is quite similar to on-premises one except services layer which is new […]

SQL Server Read Ahead Mechanism

Hi Friends,

SQL Server Read Ahead mechanism allows to anticipate the need and fetch a data or index pages into buffer pool before they are actually needed. This is completely managed internally and we do not require any configuration changes. This performance optimization allows large amounts of effective data processing.

There are two kinds of read-ahead […]

LRU-K algorithm – Quick look

Dear Friends,

To start with; we can use a data or index page only when they exist in memory. For improved performance it is very important to keep alive the supply of buffer page for immediate use failing which would result in searching out many memory pages to locate a free buffer to be used […]

SQL Server fast recovery

Hi Friends,

Today we will understand SQL Server fast recovery. To start with, there are number of cases before SQL Server 2005 wherein databases aren’t accessible because length of recovery time on startup, as a result you may need to compromise on application availability impacting large user base etc.

We know that database recovery is having three phases […]

SQL Server Database States – simple talk but not simpler

Dear Friends,

Very recently while imparting training to junior DBAs someone from them asked me what are the different states of a database and how they can move into each stage? Well it sounds like a very basic question but as we understand this indeed an important one which should be very clear to all […]

SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption

Transparent Data Encryption is introduced in SQL Server 2008. This feature has been introduced to provide more security to the data stored at the database level. It has the most valuable features which will help secure data by help of exploiting multiple CPUs and less increase in the disk space used to save encrypted […]