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SQL Sever 2016 – USE HINT without having SA permission

Hello Friends,

Trace Flags are really important considerations in SQL Server where we wants to change some default behavior at instance level or query level. If we want to enable the trace flag globally then we can enable it for the instance level. We can also use the trace flags at specific query level as […]

Database Scoped Configurations and Trace flag 4199

Those who are working on query performance whether you are a DBA or Developer I am sure you guys must have used trace flag 4199.  TF 4199 enables all query optimizer related fixes.Microsoft used to have separate TF for each hotfix applied to query optimizer prior to SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 (SP3) Cumulative […]

TSQL2sDay – Learn, Innovate, Prosper

TSQL2sDay was started by Adam Machanic (b | t). This is my first TSQL2sDay blog. This month’s TSQL2sDay is hosted by Koen Verbeeck (b | t) about the changing times.
The initial days
Almost nine years back when I started my career in 2008, I came out of college straight into a DBA role. We were three graduates and three […]

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SQL Server Agent on Linux

Install SQL Server Agent on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)
Hello Friends!
SQL Server on Linux is progressing a lot, still in CTP 1.4 and gearing up for launched in May 2017. My excitement is touching new heights day by day with every CTP release. Recently I’d upgraded my SQL Server vNext to CTP 1.4, most of us […]

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SQL Sever 2016 – Two things developers should know

Hello Friends,

There are lots of new features and improvement launched by Microsoft in SQL Server 2016. There are two small but really interesting things for the T-SQL Developers, DBA Developers who are involve in writing T-SQL code.

Situation: Let’s think about a situation where we are creating a new object (for example –  Stored Procedure) […]

Upgrade SQL Server vNext on Ubuntu (Linux)

Upgrading SQL Server vNext on Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS)
Upgrade/Patching are vital for enterprises & routine activity for DBA. Since SQL Server vNext lunched (for Linux Kernel based OS), DBA responsibility extends to it.

Microsoft released an update for SQL Server on Ubuntu from CTP 1.3 to CTP1.4 with decent amount of new features. Definitely there is […]

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CAST function doesn’t change execution plan for Datetime type column

I have been reviewing code from last couple of years. I found some myths are followed very strictly by developers. Yesterday while reviewing, I found developers are hesitating to use TRY_CAST or CAST function on column in where clause to convert date to datetime or datetime to date. When I asked the reason they […]

Sp_Recompile – does it work the way you expect?

Last week I was working on an assignment where I need to recompile all stored procedure where ever it is refereeing to a certain table. There are many options to recompile stored procedure. I opted to go with SP_Recompile where I will pass table name as parameter and this is meeting my requirement.

MSDN documentation […]

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New Function String_Split in SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 has many features which makes developer life bit easy to do various task. Earlier to split a string developer use to write a user defined function using temp tables and complex logic. In almost every database I see a user defined function exists which does string split work. The project for […]

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SQL Sever – Compare Showplan

Hello Friends,

During performance troubleshooting, It was not easy to compare the execution plan for the queries. We generally save the execution plans and then compare them by opening in different SQL Server Management Studio windows but it was not easy to compare the various things about two operators from the plan. In new SSMS […]

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