Dear SQL Geeks, buckle up as I announce another speaker.

Join me in welcoming

Charles Gaddy

Charles Gaddy

Please join me in welcoming Charles Gaddy, who has 17+ years of experience in Information Technology, Product Management and Sales Support. I take the privilege of introducing him to the SQL community in Asia.

Charles Gaddy is the director of Global Sales & Alliances at Melissa Data (MD) focused on global data quality with 17+ years of experience in Information Technology, Product Management and Sales Support, Charles’ work at MD focuses on international growth and product strategy for MD’s global product suite. Charles’ past positions include VP of Product Management, Senior Alliance Manager, Senior Sales Engineer and Director of Information Technology. He has specific virtual expertise in banking, insurance, direct marketing technology and software data quality market sectors.

Charles will be delivering a breakout session in Business Intelligence track at SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015. Expect an amazing session from him!

If you are hungry for some expert BI training, do not miss this incredible encounter with the Expert!

What does it mean for you? Simply put, this is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear him, meet him and learn from the Expert!

Another rocking announcement 

Still not registered for the conference? It is never too late. Reserve your seat now! For corporate registrations, write to mamita[at]peoplewareindia[dot]com.

Let your boss know today that Microsoft speakers are being announced now and it’s a block-buster star cast. THIS IS UN-MISS-ABLE!

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And I hope you have not missed our previous speaker announcements and news about the SSGAS2015.

Honestly, our battery of speakers have moved to the NEXT LEVEL. BELIEVE IT. IT’S HAPPENING!

SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit will be a mega event – For the SQL Community, By the SQL Community, Of the SQL Community! And it is turning out to be a star studded event! Oh, actually, super-star studded event!