Hi Friends,

Today, while I write this blog, we are already in June 2012. And I am going to talk about my assignment that I completed in December 2011. Yes, there is lot of back log :)

This SQL Server training assignment in India was organized by Peopleware India

In fact this was my last assignment in year 2011.

Prior to this assignment, I completed an advanced SQL administration and performance tuning in Bangalore in October 2011 – you can find that blog here;

So what happened in the whole of November? No assignments? Well I took a break from work as I was blessed with a baby boy :)
I was not supposed to work even in December but you know, how much I love my assignments :)

So, this assignment was for a product development company based out of Hyderabad. They used SQL heavily as a back end for their product. Large database sizes degraded performance and this is where I was required to pitch in to explain advanced troubleshooting scenarios and techniques to find the root cause of a problem.

This was yet another opportunity to talk about the importance of having baseline numbers – which many clients do not have until they hit performance issues. I then focused on wait stats as the beginning point and performance monitor counters. It was good to discuss the 300 ms value of PLE :)

I stressed a little more on IO as IO is a very critical resource for any databases. I demoed a couple of DMVs, perf counters, and talked about some best practices in SQL Server deployment. Also advised the folks to go for RAID 10 if the client had the money 😉

This was a 5 day workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. The audience was so focused, and I was glad to make new friends !

I loved interacting with the folks; they made an excellent class.

Here are is the Pic from the class:


The gallery page on Peopleware India site is updated as well: http://www.peoplewareindia.com/gallery.htm

My next batch was in January in Kerela :) – will write about it shortly.

If you are looking for SQL Server training / consulting for your company / people, you can write to enquiry<at>peoplewareindia<dot>com or visit www.PeoplewareIndia.com