Hi Friends,

It was overwhelming to see 130+ SQL geeks turning up for my index tuning webcast. Thanks to all. This really motivates me to do more and more sessions for the SQL Server community. This was my second webcast for SQLServerGeeks.com and overall third webcast for SQLServerGeeks.com, the other being delivered by Sarabpreet Singh – VP SQLServerGeeks.com. The next webcast is being delivered by Ahmad Osama on Concurrency.

Apart from you, the audience, I also want to thank all the people behind SQLServerGeeks.com that make these online and in-person events so successful. Starting from Sarabpreet Singh who has tirelessly done community activities with me; hats off to him ! Next, AbhayChoudhary, ParikshitSavjani, Amit Karkhanis, Ritesh Medhe, RaunakJhawar, Ahmad Osama, Piyush, Rakesh, Satnam, Rahul, Bhagwan – the order is not important :) – all of them are such wonderful people to work with – I feel SQLServerGeeks.com has been blessed with people like them who have such a passion for SQL Server & the community – thank you all guys.

Our online webcasts and in-person events have taken SQL Server community to the next level in India – and this is just the beginning; watch out for more !

I have uploaded my Index Tuning webcast decks & scripts at www.SQLServerGeeks.com/files section. Feel free to download them.

Our In-person event registrations are in full force – http://www.sqlservergeeks.com/Events/InPerson/O_SQLServerDay.htm

While I write this blog post, I am on my flight to Bangalore and the first in-person event of SQLServerGeeks.com for this year is tomorrow, 17 March in Bangalore.

Coming back to webcasts, the next webcast is being announced shortly.