I am glad to announce that I’ve been honored with Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for SQL Server by Microsoft.

I am very happy and excited to receive this award, the feeling of joining this Elite Technical club can’t be explained.  I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Microsoft and SQL Server Community to make this happen.

Here’s the snippet of Long Awaited Email:


A special thanks to Amit Bansal (SQL Server MVP) for providing such a great platform to us (

The website was officially launched in April 2011, but we did our first Event in the first quarter of 2010, so it’s been 3 years he is working & helping the community & I played a little nice role here and there.
Amit is very supportive he motivated me (actually pushed me 😉 ) during my Lazy-days.
I would also like to thanks my Family who allowed me to contribute towards the community in my personal time without any complaint & now everyone’s happy since the efforts have been rewarded.
It was just a dream till 31st Dec 2012 and now transformed to Reality.
We are planning our schedule for this year and soon you’ll again see me in action, I Promise!

Till then happy learning



Sarabpreet Anand

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