Hello Geeks,

One who works on databases gets boring over time. To be poetic is more than what we can ask for. In this busy life, a few wonderful words to remember and relate to is a boon. I take this opportunity to introduce the below lines from Kanika Mehra. She has posted these lines on SQLServerGeeks Facebook Group on 10th June, 2015.

Make your life as deep as a database
Be always as unique as a primary key
Be productive as an index
Take others good habits as a foreign key….!!!
Share your joys with others as a cluster
Keep note of your activities as good as data dictionary
Grant some privileges to others as a role
Secure the things as a dba….!!!
Do the things in order as a rowid
Follow your resolution as strict as a sequence
Light others life as a trigger
Be prepared for the worst as an exception….!!!
Always be fruitful as a function
Forgive others as a rollback transaction
Always help others like checkpoint
Choose the best path like an optimizer….!!!

For her wonderful lines, we give her a full conference pass for SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015. Yes, she gets free entry to Asia’s First SQL Conference!

Congratulations Kanika Mehra!!!

kanika Mehra gets a free pass to SSGAS2015

Kanika is presently working in TCS Gurgaon as an IT Analyst. She has a total experience for 6 years and working as a SQL Server DBA since last 4 years with various organizations like Stryker and Wipro. In her free time she loves reading books.

Kanika – apply for leave from Aug 27 to 29 :) and the conference team is contacting you shortly.

Welcome to Asia’s First SQL Conference!