Hi Friends,

We have made several changes to our events. Take a good note of it.

Our most popular SQL Server Day event is now called as Data Platform Day (DPD). And there is more exciting news. Data Platform Day will now be a full day event. Yes, whole day of free learning on SQL Server, BI, Analytics, Cloud, Big Data & related technologies. Isn’t this amazing? You get more value out of a full day event with around 5 to 7 sessions and lunch will be available for attendees.

But, MS Data Platform is huge and there are many tools and technologies that you need to constantly learn to keep your skills-set up-to-date. So one DPD a month isn’t going to be enough for the hungry learners. So starting this year, we are trying to organize events every Saturday so that your learning is constant and regular. These half-day events, every Saturday, will be theme based so that you can attend them based on your profile & job role.

These regular, half-day events, every Saturday will be called SQLGeeks Meet Up.

Both, Data Platform Day (DPD) and SQLGeeks Meet-Up are in-person events and will happen pan-India across Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune & Chennai. We intend to organize one DPD a month in each of these cities which will be a full-day event and more frequent half-day events called SQLGeeks Meet-Ups.

All our events, pan-India can be seen here.

DPDs and SQLGeeks Meet-Ups are already announced across many cities, block your seat ASAP.

And of course, our annual, mega conference on Data Platform, SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016 will be announced shortly.

Here is a quick summary:

Data Platform Day – Full Day event, once a month in major cities (Lunch will be available)
SQLGeeks Meet-Up – Half Day event, more frequent, on Saturdays (no Lunch)
SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit – Once per year!

Thanks for reading. We hope to see you at our events!