Hi friends, today in SQL Server system stored procedure series you will learn about how to drop user-defined message from sys.messages table using stored procedure sp_dropmessage.

Sp_dropmessage stored procedure is used to drop user-defined error message. It requires membership in sysadmin and serveradmin server roles.

Syntax of sp_dropmessage  is as follows:

Sp_dropmessage [@msgnum =] msgid,

[@lang =] ‘language’



@msgnum is the Id of the message having datatype Int. Msg_id must be unique along with the combination of language.

@lang is the language of the message which specifies in which language message is written.

In previous blog we have added a user-defined message here.

Now, we will drop that previously added message using sp_dropmessage:

When we will check in table sys.messages that entry was removed.

That’s all folks for the day. Hope you like the post.


Kapil Singh

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