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There is a very interesting option in SQL Server 2012 Management Studio “Import and Export Settings….”. This feature will allow you to Import and Export some SSMS settings as well as you can reset your SQL Server 2012 Management Studio settings to default also. There are various types of settings like Fonts and Colors, Find and Replace, batch separator etc.

To use this feature just open the management studio 2012, go to options.. tab under Tools menu as shown below:


This will open Import and Export Settings Wizard:


1-      Export selected environment settings

Using this one you can export your environment settings to a specific file.

2-      Import selected environment settings

Suppose you export settings of SSMS installed on server A, then using this import feature you can import this Settings file from server A to SSMS installed on server B.

3-      Reset all settings

You can use this option to just reset all environment settings to default.



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