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In SQL Server 2016, we have seen that various trace flag related changes. For example, changes related to trace flag 1117 and 1118. This blog post focused on SQL Server 2016 – Trace Flag 2371 Change. Today, I’ll show you the changes related to trace flag 2371.

Those who don’t know about trace flag 2371 this trace flag dynamically decrease the statistics update threshold value if your table have more than 25000 rows. You can  also click here for more details.

Now we will see the SQL Server 2016 behavior without using (explicitly) trace flag 2371:

Now run the below code, here select statement will create a statistic on id column.

Now check the auto created statistic on id column.


Run the below command to check the details of this newly created statistic.


As per the standard threshold for update stats, stats will be updated only after (20% of 50000 + 500) 10500 modifications. We are using SQL Server 2016 here to check the inbuilt behavior of trace flag 2371. Now try to delete 8000 rows from the table and then check the stats.



From the above output you can see that statistics have been updated for below standard threshold value. If you are using SQL Server 2016 then the threshold value to auto update stats will be decreased as the cardinality of that table grows. Here, I have shown to you only a single situation on a table with 50000 rows. You can try this with many other situations.


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