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Install, Configure and Use SQL Server on Linux

Hello Friends!
Little Old Story
Several years back while started working in a capacity of Jr. DBA, during a walk-in interview faced a question. “Have you installed SQL Server on Linux?” without a moment delayed my answer to questions was “Yes, many time”. Didn’t even realize my interview is concluded at same point as REJECTED candidate. […]

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Data Platform Summit 2017 #DPS2017

After successful completion of SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2016 last year, I was getting so many questions about the next conference in INDIA. Questions were like “Are you guys going to do this conference next year?”, “May I know the city name for the next annual conference?” and “This time I was unable to attend […]

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Entire world is talking about Data Platform Summit 2017

Great start by DataPlatformGeeks team. On 26th January 2017, #DPS2017 is globally launched here and just after that on 28th January 2017 DPG team had a  successful full day  Data Platform Day event. I am lucky to be part of this event. Opening note was delivered by Shivir Chordiya (Director, Microsoft Data Platform, India) and officially […]

Log shipping Automation With PowerShell

Hello Friends –

Back to you all with my second blog of year 2017 with Logshipping automation. This time picked up a little deviated topics like year 2016. Being a DBA background monitoring, configuring & managing high availability & disaster recovery solution were a day to day responsibility for me, like most of us have/had at […]

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2017’s first DPD & DPS2017 launch!

Hello Friends!

On behalf of DataPlatformGeeks taking an opportunity to share #DPS2017 (DataPlatform Summit 2017) launch on 28-Jan-2017 @ Bangalore in the presence of Shivir Chordia (Director, Microsoft Data Platform, India) & Deepak Rajendran (Community Program Manager, India).

This is the 3rd edition of Summit in consecutive years since 2015 and Asia’s largest Data Platform related […]

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Data Platform Summit 2017 (DPS 2017) – Official Announcement

Data Platform Summit 2017 – DPS 2017 The big news you all have been waiting for is right around the corner. Asia’s First SQL Server Conference, SSGAS 2015, was a great success which witnessed Asia’s largest gathering of data professionals in August 2015. The success followed in 2016 with the second edition of the SQLServerGeeks […]

Dynamic Data Masking in SQL Server 2016

Microsoft has introduced an impressive new feature in SQL Server 2016 called Dynamic Data Masking (DDM). Dynamic Data Masking allows a developer or administrator to decide how much of the
sensitive data to reveal with minimal impact on the application layer. This feature also helps to simplify the design and coding of security in your […]

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Trace Flag 634 – Disable Background Columnstore Compression

Hi Friends,

In Columnstore Technology, we knows that Column data stores in segments and segments groups together to form the rowgroup. One of the main reason of using Columnstore technology is compression of rowgroups. By default, SQL Server perform compression of closed delta stores. This tasks is done by tuple mover. Which invokes after a […]

SQL Server 2014 – SELECT INTO Statement

Hi Friends,

Microsoft introduced so many new features and improvements with SQL Server 2014. In addition to these features, one of the improvement provided in SQL Server 2014 is about SELECT INTO statement. The SELECT INTO  generally used to copy the data from one table and inserts that data into a new table.

Before SQL Server […]

Setting SQL Server Start-up Parameters across Multiple Instances

Hello Geeks,

This is the first blog of the part of blogs set I am going to write for next few months. I have been working on a centralized approach for Database Administration. I know this has been mostly the case for bigger organisations. This blog series will target DBAs who are finding difficult to […]