Hi Friends,

Yes, I am back after a break. Yes it was a break from blogging, but not really a break from the hectic life that I live :)

My last technical blog was before I departed for TechED Nort America on June 9 2012- http://www.sqlservergeeks.com/sql-server-auto-update-stats-asynchronously-database-option/

And since then, TechED kept me real busy followed by my sister’s wedding in last week of June. The family event, obviously, was utmost important to me for multiple reasons and brought tremendous happiness to the entire family. And kept me as busy as ever till the last minute, even now, as I write this blog, I am still winding up some of the work.

Now that I am back, blogs will start flowing in from 9 July 2012.

And yes, here is a picture from the wedding. My messy room at JW Marriott in Chandigarh, India ! This is what happens during Indian weddings !


Well, that’s me displaying my messy room :)