Hi Friends,

The reason I write this “simplest of all blog post” is because of a conversation I had with an interviewee (Mr. X).

Me: What is a SQL Server clustered index?

Mr. X: blah blah…It physically orders a table..blah blah.. It physically orders a table.

Me: Ok. Can you please elaborate?

Mr. X: It physically orders the table… hmmmmm…. Blah blah…

Me: Suppose you have a table with a column having values 1-10. A Clustered index is created on that column as Create index ix_clust on T1 (sno desc).  What will be the result of this query…

“Select * from T1”

Mr. X: Very simple – it will return rows from 1-10.

Me: Nice talking to you sir.

Well, below is what actually happens and clustered index physically orders a table .


Having said that, there’s lot more behind the statement “Clustered index physically orders the data in a table” which I will write in a while as I need to go now otherwise my friends will kill me as its TGIF

Happy Learning!!!



Ahmad Osama

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