SSG Board Members

Amit R S Bansal
Amit R S Bansal
Manohar Punna
Manohar Punna

SSG Executive Committee

2015 - 2017
Manohar Punna
Manohar PunnaPresident & Board Member

Manohar Punna has started his career in 2008 as a core DBA and is now working as Senior DBA for S&P Capital IQ (McGraw Hill Financials). In his 5 years of game with SQL Server he has worked in service, support, insurance & banking and financial domains. As a Microsoft GTSC ex he bring great knowledge on SQL core internals. In his free time Manohar wants to explore everything else from travelling to sitting idle, from dieting to heavy 7 course meal, from full day sleeps to overnight ride in the city.

Prince Rastogi
Prince RastogiEditor

Prince Rastogi is working as SQL Server DBA in INDIA. Prince started his career working on SQL Server since Yukon. Prince is having 4+ years of experience. In the starting of his career he was working on SQL Server, Internet Information Server and Visual Source Safe. Prince is ITIL certified professional. Prince likes to explore technical things on SQL Server.

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