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After my last BI training in Gurgaon, it was time for tuning performance in SQL Server. I delivered a 4 day workshop for a leading Bank & Financial Services company, to their DBA unit in Gurgaon. Every SQL Server deployment has its own set of challenges and things to troubleshoot and tune. Apart from many minute issues and tuning techniques we talked about, we spent a good deal of time on row versioning. They were using Snapshot Isolation and were encountering space issues with TempDB. I worked with them to troubleshoot it, which triggered me to write this blog;

This SQL Server training assignment in India was organized by Peopleware India

I spent a good deal of time on index tuning, especially fragmentation. Even the most experienced DBAs find it always refreshing to know the best practices around clustered and non-clustered indexes. We talked a good deal about covering indexes, composite vs indexes with included column etc. All in all, it was fun.

Here is a pic from the class:


I have already completed 2 more assignments after this but did not get time to write about them but shall do that shortly. In fact, one of them was a second batch for the same client in Chennai !

Thanks for reading ! Stay tuned for more details !

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