Hi Friends,

SQL Server Day events cam back with a bang on Jan 17 2015, almost after a year! And I just felt that we never had a pause.

We conducted SQL Server Day in 3 cities on same day, Jan 17. Gurgaon, Hyderabad & Bangalore – each city witnessed the pulse of SQL community in India. Sarab, Ahmad, Kanchan & Prince were the custodians of the Gurgaon event, Manohar for Hyderabad and I welcomed the SQL community here in Bangalore.

Sudhir Rawat, one of our regular speakers from Microsoft talked about Real Time Analytics on MS platform. As always, his sessions are very interactive and he was flooded with questions. So much that his session was extended by 30 minutes :)


Sudhir’s session was followed by my session on IO baselining & benchmarking. How can I blow my own trumpet that I did so well, my session was demo packed and the audience just love it 😀 – I just did it! Well the audience needs to give feedback and check out our events page for all the feedback from all the events.

This is the only picture I have of my session. As I am getting old, no one wants to click me anymore :(


And then came the big announcement :)

Asia’s first, the only and the largest SQL Server Conference!


So it was all fun! This SQL Server Day event was very special for two reasons. One, we were coming back almost after a year and second, the conference announcement!

You can browse all pictures here.

And all event resources can be downloaded here.

Super-exciting times ahead! SQL Server Day events are happening again. Block your seat now.