Hi Friends,

SQL Server Day in Bangalore on May 16 was truly special, for multiple reasons. It was our 60th SQL Server Day. SQL experts from Microsoft came together in a panel discussion to answer questions from the audience. And finally, part 1 of SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 speakers were announced. And the Bangalore SQL community redefined the numbers, we had 150+ SQL geeks in the room!


The event started with me presenting a session on Query Tuning. SQL Performance Tuning is one of my favorite topics and there is just so much to talk about. I demoed simple yet complex examples and I hope the audience enjoyed it. Lot of responses and questions, I loved the interaction.


This was followed by the highlight of the day, the panel discussion. The panel received questions related to SQL internals, Analytics, Azure, Big Data – almost every aspect of the Data world. I had a nice time moderating the discussion. Sincere thanks to our Microsoft friends:

Sudhir Rawat (Support Escalation Engineer, Microsoft)
Vijay Rodrigues (Support Escalation Engineer, Microsoft)
Deepthi Anantharam (Technical Evangelist, Microsoft)
Kumar Bijayanta (Support Escalation Engineer, Microsoft)
Sunil Kumar Charkapani (Support Escalation Engineer, Microsoft)


We closed the event with part 1 of speakers announcement for SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015. And audience loved it! SQL stalwarts across the globe flashed on the screen.

Not to mention, overall, we had great fun during the event.

And I cherish this pic :) (Click here for the complete album)


You can browse all pictures here.

Group photo and comments are here.

And tomorrow is Hyderabad SQL Server Day, May 23. Followed by Gurgaon SQL Server Day, May 30. Exciting times!

Looking forward to meet the SQL community.