Dear Geeks,

Last Staurday, 18th July while interacting with attendees of SQL Server Day event held at Gurgaon and feedback from my friend Prince, I realized that I should publish a revised index of my series One Operator a day.

I published TOC for the same sometime back as per the advice of MSDN moderator Ronen but my readers wanted something different and this blog post is an outcome of our discussion on the event. Straight to the subject, here is what you wanted friends;

SQL Server Scan Operator(s)

SQL Server Index Seek Operator(s) and comparison

SQL Server Key Lookup Operator

SQL Server Sort Operator

SQL Server aggregate operator

SQL Server Compute Scalar Operator

SQL Server Concatenation Operator

SQL Server Assert operator

SQL Server Hash Match join/aggregate operator

SQL Server Nested Loop Join Operator

SQL Server Merge Join Operator

SQL Server Segment Operator

SQL Server Table Spool Operator

Merge Interval Operator

SQL Server execution plan Filter Operator

Online Index Insert Operator

Sequence Project Operator

SQL Server Eager Spool operator

SQL Server Cursor Operators

SQL Server Nested Loop Join Operator – Revisiting

SQL Server Parallelism Operator

SQL Server Join/table/query hints execution plan

SQL Server expand views hint and execution plan

SQL Server plan guide and execution plan

OPTIMIZE FOR query hint in SQL Server

I hope this helps, and do not forget to register for Asia’s first SQL Conference.




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