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I know most of you will not like it, but Now SQL Server Certification Exams will also come along with an Expiry Date. Microsoft is changing a few Certification Exam policies and from SQL 2012 Pro Exam launch you need to reappear (in other words you need to do recertification) to keep it under active status.

This means: you need to plan for more money in your yearly education budget, More Stress and you need to be always up-to-date to be active and eligible for Certified positions.


Reason for recertification

In order to ensure that our certifications are meaningful and valuable indicators of candidates’ skills, Microsoft has implemented a recertification requirement for MCPD: Windows Azure Developer and MCPD: Windows Phone Developer. This requirement will also apply to the upcoming Professional-level SQL Server 2012 certifications. Windows Azure and Windows Phone certifications will require recertification every two years, while SQL Server 2012 certifications will require recertification every three years. Initially, the recertification requirement will be one or two exams.

After all it’s not that bad It will prove to be a blessing for deserving candidates

Recertification ensures that Microsoft Certifications remain meaningful and valuable indicators of candidates’ skills. Recertification provides assurance to hiring managers and other stakeholders that this person has demonstrated continued competence even as the technology has changed, based on service packs, revisions, and new product version releases. Recertification is especially important for certifications that cover frequently changing technologies such as Windows Azure and SQL Azure.

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For more FAQ regarding Exam Policies: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/exam-prep.aspx#tab4



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