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You might be wondering about what this title deals with? This title makes you aware of the features which are removed or will be removed in the future while using SQL Server.

So, with the release of every new version of SQL Server, there are some changes, i.e. the feature is being changed or removed and that make no sense with the newer feature set.

Discontinued – It means that a feature were used to work in the previous version but no longer available in SQL Server 2008.

Deprecated – It means the feature still works in SQL Server 2008, but will be going to be removed from the future version.

Here I have highlighted three lists:

Going In Next Version (Deprecated):

Some features which will not be available from the next version, so it’s better that you remove it from your code:

  • Older backup and restore options
  • SQL Server 2000 compatibility level
  • sp_dboption
  • FastFirstRow query hint (use Option(Fast n))
  • ANSI-89 (legacy) outer joins syntax (*=, =*); use ANSI-92 syntax instead
  • Raiserror integer string format
  • Client connectivity using DB-Lib and Embedded SQL for C

Going In Future Version (Deprecated):

Some feature which will not be in use in the future version, so you should try to remove these from your code:

  • Timestamp
  • Text, ntext, and image data types
  • Older full-text catalog commands
  • Sp_configure ‘user instances enabled’
  • Sp_lock
  • Sp_adduser
  • Setuser
  • System tables
  • Group by all

Gone (Discontinued):

Some features that are no longer available in SQL Server 2008 are:

  • SQL Server 6, 6.5, and 7 compatibility levels
  • Surface Area Configuration Tool
  • Notification Services
  • Dump and Load Commands
  • Backup log with No-Log
  • Backup log with truncate_only
  • Backup transaction
  • DBCC Concurrencyviolation
  • Sp_addgroup, sp_changegroup, sp_dropgroup, and sp_helpgroup

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