Hi Friends,

As you might aware of (with regards to my last blog) that I was setting a Windows Server 2003 cluster on Hyper V, I want to pen down some more notes here.

My last blog was about sysprep-ing a Windows Server 2003 image which can be found here

When I started the Windows Server 2003 Hyper V image for the first time, I found issues with the resolution, mouse capture, network card etc. I did not face these issues with a Windows Server 2008 image. Basically, you need to manually setup Integration Services for old operating systems like Windows Server 2003, etc. OK, I am not talking about SQL Server Integration Services :) – I am talking about Hyper V Integration Services which is automatically offered by Hyper V for every virtual Machine:


As you can see, these services are much beyond my basic needs. So you need to read or explore more on the other services and there significance. But as I mentioned, these services need to be installed for old Operating Systems which can be done after starting the VM.

Start the VM -> Action -> Insert Integration Services Setup Disk


And the installation will be done. Once the installation is done (and after a restart), you can change to higher resolutions for your VM, mouse capture will be integrated, network cards will be detected.