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SQL Server Keyboard Shortcuts.

In our daily routine, we just type particular query again and again to check something in SQL Server. For example :

sp_who2 : To check the number of connections on the databases.

But SSMS provides us very interesting way to create a Short cut key for that query, i.e. there is no need to type that query again and again.

To create short cut key for sp_who2, open SSMS -> go toTools -> go to Options… as shown in figure:


This will open the new window as shown below:


Here click on keyboard option. Then type your query in front of specified short cut key.


Here I just type sp_who2 in front of Ctrl+3.Now close the SSMS and open SSMS again. Now connect your SQL Server Instance and press Ctrl+3 short cut key to get the output of sp_who2.

Prince Rastogi

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