Hi Friends,

Speaking at SQL Server conferences is something that I cherish a lot, even more when it is outside my home country, India. It is indeed a privilege to interact with global audience and share knowledge. It is an unmatched and unforgettable experience. And this time, it was a pleasure speaking at SQLBits in London in March 2012.

I delivered a session on Indexes which was well appreciated by the audience. Even more contenting is when you receive follow up emails after your session, congratulating on a wonderful session :)

Apart from delivering my session, I had the pleasure of meeting many SQL MVPs & MCMs once again; many of my friends from US & UK. I also got the opportunity to interact with the SQL CAT team and a couple of PMs from the SQL product team.

I do not know the exact headcount of attendees but there were certainly more than 800 SQL geeks on each day of the conference. The conference was hosted in Novotel, East London. Here are some pics from the conference.

Overall, it was a great conference with good networking opportunities. Kudos to the organizers; they did a fantastic job !

I look forward to my next conference which is the Mother of all conferences – announcing that shortly :)

For all the photos and larger versions, visit;


With Ramesh (SQL workshops) & his wife


The lunch/refreshments area


With Conor Cunningham – really enjoyed the interaction with him


With John Welch, Jamie Thomson & Itay Barun (Party time :)


Keynote by Quentin Clark


With Mark Souza, Michael Rys, Quentin Clark


With Kevin Kline – nice personality to talk to and his leadership talks are motivating !


With Alberto Ferrari & Marco Russo (the BI geeks) – enjoyed by Tabular vs UDM discussion with them


The SQL CAT team


My session pic


My session pic


Closing note…


With Buck Woody


With Adam Machanic


And the best of all – SQLServerGeeks.com gets a mention :)