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Last week I took a webcast “Tap is the only Solution Ver.2 (SQL Server Resource Governor). The webcast was very well received and there were a lot of questions regarding the Demo and the scripts. So in this blog post I’ll provide all the scripts to implement, test, tweak & remove Resource Governor. You can also use these scripts to do Proof of Concept (POC) on Resource Governor.

Hope this will help you.

Happy Learning\Testing – DO leave a comment to let us know how we are doing.


Implement\ configure Resource Governor

Workload – by different Sessions

Using Cap_CPU_Percent Parameter – New to SQL 2012 to configure Hard Cap on CPU

 CPU_CAP_PERCENT & AFFINITY SCHEDULER settings are available only through Scripts as of now- Planned to come in GUI from SP1

Using Affinity Parameter to dedicate a scheduler to a single pool

Internal Tables\DMVs for Resource Governor

–Metadata Tables


Script to check which scheduler is being used by which Resource Group


Reference: Boris Baryshnikov’s blog post & Whitepapers for Resource Governor 2008 & 2012.



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