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This is my fourth blog based on SQL Server Trace Flag 3604 in the series of “SQL Server Trace Flags”. You can go to previous blog by clicking here.

Today I will show you the importance of trace flag 3604. Trace flag 3604 is used to redirect the output of some DBCC commands to the result window.

For Example: if you are running DBCC PAGE () command then it will not give you required output until you will enabled the trace flag 3604. Let me show you this thing practically.

SQL Server Trace Flag 3604

From the above output it is clear that no information came here. Now let me enable the trace flag 3604 first then it will give the complete output.

SQL Server Trace Flag 3604_2

PS: Do not use trace flags in production environment without testing it on non production environments and without consulting because everything comes at a cost.


Prince Kumar Rastogi

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