Hi Friends,

21st Feb 2012 was a special day for me; we had our maiden SQL Server webcast of SQLServerGeeks.com and I was delighted to see 120+ people turning up for the webcast. I talked about Locking Internals with some crisp demos and the audience loved it.

This maiden webcast was followed by Sarabpreet Singh (VP SQLServerGeeks.com) delivering a bulletproof Backup/Restore strategy and as always, he is too good at this topic. The feedback has been excellent.

And here we are, continuing our success – on Thursday, 15th March at 3 pm IST, I will present an intriguing webcast on “Index Tuning”. In this session you will learn how to improve performance of your queries by implementing the right clustered and non-clustered indexes. You can have only one clustered index per table but an esoteric combination of non-clustered indexes. This demo-heavy session will show you some of those combinations that can work wonders for your workload.

You can register here;

See you online !