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You would had deal with these User Account while the installation of SQL Server 2008 setup. But had you noticed, why the Domain User Account is being preferred over the other account?

If not, then don’t worry, because you will get the answer in a while!

First I will let you know about the brief of Windows Security.

Do you know the function of Windows Security within SQL Server?

Since SQL Server resides within the Windows environment, so securing the Windows Server becomes one of the common aspects of the securing strategy.

SQL Server databases often support the websites, therefore Internet Information Server (IIS) security and firewalls becomes the integral part of the security plan.

SQL Server Login:

User access to SQL Server and SQL Server’s Windows Accounts are the two different logins, and should never be mixed up!!

SQL Server users don’t need access to the database directories or a data file because SQL Server Process performs the actual file access.

But for this, SQL Server Process does need permission to access the files on Windows Account. They are basically of three types:

  1. Local User Account
  2. Local System Account
  3. Domain User Account

Will let you know each account one by one:

Local User Account:

  • This will turn out to be the best option in the case where Network Access is not required.
  • It cannot be used outside the server.

Local System Account:

  • SQL Server can use the local system account of OS for permission to the machine.
  • But it is only intended for Single – Server installation.
  • It also fails to provide the network security required for thee distributed processing.
  • Since, the local system accounts has implicit privileges in the OS and active directory, so it provides more rights than even a member of the Administrators Account.

Domain User Account:

  • SQL Server can access a Windows User Account created specifically for it.
  • SQL Server Domain User Account can be granted administrator rights for the server.
  • It can also access the network through the server to communicate with the other servers.
  • Well, that is why Domain User Account is preferred!!

Well, this was all about Windows Security in SQL Server, which is in-fact a very brief.

Hope you like it!!



Piyush Bajaj

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