Many folks from the SQL Community wrote to us that they cannot attend full three days of the conference. So is there a possibility that you can attend only two days or just one day and accordingly pay less?

You wished. We heard. Check out the per-day pricing.

Yes, now you can register and attend Asia’s Largest SQL Summit – full three days, or two days, or just one day!

This is the best SSG Team could do to enable our attendance at the event. And we have taken this decision keeping your interest and feedback in mind. After all, this unique learning summit is for you!

The 3-day agenda has been published and all 127 sessions are LIVE.

So what are the next steps?

Simple, check out the agenda. Figure out which day or days interests you the most. And block your seat.

Summit & pre-con fee for SSGAS 2016 is increasing from July 21. Learn about registration process.

Now, don’t wait for your company to sponsor you. If they sponsor you, awesome! If not, go ahead and choose which day you can learn the most, and register yourself! We still recommend that you attend all three days to gain maximum from this rare opportunity.

Yes, it is very rare that the likes of Bob Ward, Jen Stirrup, John Hoang, Denny Cherry, Sunil Agarwal, Joey Antoni, Grant Fritchey, Tomer Weisberg, Andreas Wolter, Silvia Doomra, Joe Young, Morgan Oslake and 40 other speakers/trainers fly down at your door-step and train you on advanced concepts.

With 127 sessions, SSGAS 2016 is the largest technical learning event in Asia. Do not do a disservice to yourself by missing it.

The pre-cons (full-day in-depth classroom training) has limited seats now. Prices for them too are increasing from July 21.

Jen Stirrup’s PRECON on MS BI is on 10% discount. Code: PRECON10.

Download the new SSGAS 2016 value brochure & pre-con brochure