Completed: SQL Server BI workshop in Chennai August 2011

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I like writing about my trainings – there is so much to learn in every training assignment. I get to meet new minds, new personalities, get to know their SQL stories, their issues, remedies, tips, tricks, techniques and bunch of little things !

This SQL Server training assignment in India was organized by Peopleware India

I last blogged about my performance tuning training for a leading global bank. The blog is here

My next assignment brought me back to Chennai. And before I talk technical, let me tell you that my stay in Chennai on previous occasion was not good 🙁 – and this time I desperately needed a change. I landed up staying in Hotel Savera and I must say – it was a welcome change !

Back to SQL – this was a BI workshop for 5 days and I was required to cover SSAS, SSIS & SSRS. Yes, it is indeed very difficult to cover all the three components in 5 days, but justifiably, even the client cannot let their people sit in classroom for 9 working days, assuming 3 days on each component. This training was for one of the leading global giants in IT services space.

I took up the challenge to deliver this. There was a special thrust on SSAS & MDX and I just loved that. I spend 3 days on SSAS with approximately 4 hours on MDX and talked about everything I could including UDM, SCDs, Many-to-Many Dimension, Semi-Additive Measures, etc. Feedback said that audience just loved it. I went on to spend 4 hours on MDX and loved talking about the difference between .members & .children function 🙂


Followed by SSAS, I covered some specific topics in SSIS & SSRS including Fuzzy Lookup, Fuzzy Grouping, Map Layer controls, etc. We spent a good deal of time in building an SSIS package for incrementally loading FACT & Dimension tables.

The audience was very patient, cooperative and active – they matched my speed of doing the labs and it was a real pleasure knowing & interacting with them. Thanks to all the folks.

This has been a seasons of multiple batches for the same client. Yes, last time it was 2 batches for the Bank, one in Gurgaon & another in Chennai. And this time I repeat the same batch in Bangalore after Chennai – back to back!

Here are is the pic from the class:


The gallery page on Peopleware India site is updated as well:

I shall write about the next batch shortly.

If you are looking for SQL Server training / consulting for your company / people, you can write to enquiry<at>peoplewareindia<dot>com or visit




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