Conference and Networking benefits

Conference and networking are two sides of the coin. In today’s world of advanced technology, one can attend conferences, online and benefit from them. Every other big conference whether it’s Microsoft’s Build or Apple’s WWDC is available live over the internet. The conference sessions are even available for download for later use. With that being said, one may ask what is the benefit of going to conferences is. Well, the biggest benefit in going to conferences is networking.


Networking has incredible benefits. We get to meet and know new people from our industry. We get a chance to talk to industry leaders and know what research others are doing and how can we benefit ourselves from these researchers.


In a survey conducted by Manpower Group ( in 2011, it was found that 40% of the people got a job through networking. In another survey   ( in 2013, it was found that 44% of the people got a job through networking. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional growth, you must visit a conference relevant to your domain. You will get to meet people who may refer a job or may connect you with companies.

Conference and Networking
Conference and Networking

Relationships are key to success. Lindsay Fox has rightly said, “Personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy networking; you can’t buy friendships.

People from different user groups and communities participate in the conference. Connect with them and be a part of a community or a user group. Being a part of user group has benefits of its own. I am a part of and have gained a lot in terms of knowledge and more over friends. With every SQLServerDay I attend, I get to know about what others are working on, the problems they are facing, share different ideas and what not. SQLServerGeeks has given me a platform to showcase my work and help the SQL Server community.

Conference and Networking provide you with ample of opportunities other than careers.  You get to meet mentors, researchers, leaders in your area. These are the people who we look up to and who we aspire to be like. With SQL Server Geeks annual summit ( you will get a chance to meet industry leaders, consultants, SQL heroes whom you have watched or read over internet until now.

This is for all SQL Server fans, especially in India. It’s your chance to connect with international SQL Server speakers, meet your peers and be part of Asia’s first and only SQL Server conference. So, go and invest in this awesome conference for long lasting benefits. Click here to register for this mega event

We have just announced our first speaker Yes, Denny cherry will be speaking at SQLServerGeeks annual summit 2015.



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