DPS 2017 Speaker Announcement – Vijay Rodrigues , Azure infrastructure geek from Microsoft

Dear Data/Analytics Geeks,

Brace yourself as we announce the next Speaker of DPS 2017.

Join me in welcoming the Azure infrastructure geek from Microsoft

Vijay Rodrigues

Meet Vijay @DPS 2017
Meet Vijay @DPS 2017

Please join me in welcoming Vijay Rodrigues, a returning speaker from SSGAS 2015

Vijay Rodrigues is an infrastructure geek for Azure and has worked on SQL Server in the areas of engine, connectivity, replication, clustering, AlwaysOn Availability Groups, In-Memory OLTP, Azure IaaS and PaaS, and related T-SQL and PowerShell script issues. These involved deployments from few users to deployments with critically impacted millions of users. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2005, he has been in internet data centers having server colocation, leased lines etc. in a business development role; then around a year in customer service operations. His graduation involved computer applications, then a post graduate diploma involving information technology. He is a speaker at Microsoft conferences and at local SQL Server / Azure communities on databases and Azure topics. He is author of ‘Troubleshooting SQL Server AlwaysOn’ quick reference e-book available on MS Press and of ‘SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group deployment in Azure – A PowerShell quick reference guide’ on Amazon Kindle, writes at various sites and on his blog. On a personal front, he’s married to Divya, has daughters Akira and Zara, and likes reading.


Vijay will present Breakout sessions, Open-Talks and Chalk-Talks at Data Platform Summit 2017.

Vijay is equally excited to be part of Asia’s largest Data and Analytics conference.

What does it mean for you? This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from experts

DPS 2017 has a battery of power-packed speakers for the Data and Analytics community in Asia. Keep watching this space for our next announcement!

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