Data Platform Summit 2017 (DPS 2017) – Official Announcement

Data Platform Summit 2017 – DPS 2017

The big news you all have been waiting for is right around the corner. Asia’s First SQL Server Conference, SSGAS 2015, was a great success which witnessed Asia’s largest gathering of data professionals in August 2015. The success followed in 2016 with the second edition of the SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit (SSGAS 2016). With changing times, SQLServerGeeks (SSG) has transitioned to DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) and the third edition of the annual conference is called Data Platform Summit 2017 – DPS2017.

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As the President of DataPlatformGeeks, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the official launch of DPS 2017, 16th – 19th August, 2017 at NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore, INDIA. Pre-Conference Seminars on 16 Aug.



Official Launch Event of DPS 2017

On behalf of DPG & eDominer team, I take the privilege to invite you to the official launch event of DPS 2017 and a full day free training event on 28th January, 2017 at Microsoft Campus, Bangalore. Apart from 6 sessions you get hear and meet Shivir Chordia (Director, Microsoft India, MS Data Platform) & Deepak Rajendran (Community Program Manager). Block your seat for the launch event. The attendees of the official launch event will surely get a few pleasant surprises so do not miss the launch event!


About DPS 2017

The largest data platform summit in Asia will witness a humongous gathering of data & analytics professionals, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), Microsoft Certified Masters (MCMs), Microsoft Regional Directors, Industry Experts and Microsoft experts from product teams, SQL Tiger team, SQL CAT team and Global Black Belt team from all around the globe.

It is no surprise we are all Data and Analytics Professionals and it totally makes sense to depict the conference value in numbers. So here are few to make your jaw drop:

  • 3 – Day Conference
  • 1 – Day Pre-con (6 parallel full-day trainings)
  • 7 Tracks, 30+ Technologies
  • 4000+ Hours of Deep-Dive and Real-World Learning
  • 200+ Breakout Sessions, Open Talks and Chalk Talks
  • 100+ Speakers and their 500+ Combined Years of Experience
  • 1500+ Attendees from 300+ Companies
  • SQL CAT, TIGER, Product & Global Black Best Teams
  • MVPs, MCMs, Regional Directors and Industry Experts
  • … And the list goes on – Need we say more???

Learn more and register your seat today for DPS 2017.


What’s New at DPS 2017?

In addition to this, this year at DPS2017, we are introducing the following new ideas from the community feedback – this is a true community event.


Hands-On-Labs: Develop your hands-on skills on hundreds of topics in SQL Server & other MS data technologies using SQLMaestros hand on labs. Self-paced, step-by-step, on-demand – learn it by doing it. Just go to the Hands-On-Labs Bay, choose your laptop, sign-in, select the lab & start the practical.

Group Discussions: A given problem can have a million solutions. Learn by discussing. Agree. Disagree. Debate. Assert your solution, understand others. Together we innovate.

Ask-The-Experts: How about an opportunity to ask open-ended questions to a panel of experts from Microsoft, MCM & MVP community?

Scheduled Interactions: You will be able to spend dedicated time with some select speakers in a way never seen before. A few chosen SQL stalwarts will have a defined interaction schedule at their respective speaker kiosks. Just walk up to them, connect for life! 

Learn more and register your seat today for DPS 2017.


A Word from the DPG & eDominer Team

Without past there would be no future. Since the inception of SQLServerGeeks in 2010, countless hours of efforts by community leaders and volunteers went into building the strongest data platform community you witness today. The strength grew from 5-10 attendees to 300-400 attendees in our in-person events through-out India. Our online membership crossed 100,000. A vision to see all the data and analytics professionals & global experts under one roof needed two straight years of planning and execution by the team. The success continued for the last two years and now the third year in making. The appreciation of the attendees we receive after each event cannot be put into words. Not just learn, but share our learnings and provide a platform to increase the strength of this community – DataPlatformGeeks. And the biggest credit goes to you, the community. The journey so far would not have been possible without your support and I personally thank you on behalf of DPG & eDominer teams for your support and encouragement.

Our gratitude to our sponsors of SSGAS 2015 & 2016, attendees, participating companies, all our volunteers, vendors and special thanks to Microsoft for their continued support. Sincere thanks to Joseph Sirosh (current CVP of MS Data Group) & T.K. Rengarajan (former CVP of MS Data Group) for their visionary keynotes at SSGAS 2016 & 2015 respectively!

Special gratitude to our speakers of SSGAS 2016 & 2015 – your support has been extraordinary! Thank you so very much!

Let us make DPS 2017 a great success. Look forward to see you at the Asia’s Largest Data & Analytics Conference.

Do not miss the launch event with full day free training on MS Data Platform. Click Here

Watch SSGAS 2016 Photos & Videos.

On a personal note, cant think of a better timing. DPS 2017 announcement happens on Republic Day celebrations. And the summit beings immediately after the Independence Day. 🙂



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