Full text search Introduction and its integrated in SQL Server 2008

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You must have heard about the SQL Server “Full Text Search” functionality. Basically it provides the functionality for applications and users to issue full-text queries against character-based data in SQL Server tables. Prior to SQL Server 2008, this functionality was not fully integrated with the SQL Server editions. SQL Server 2008 Enterprise full-text search introduces a new full-text architecture. Full-text search is now a fully integrated feature of a database. As a result, full-text search has been significantly enhanced in the following areas:

* Full-text catalogs are integrated into the database, rather than being stored in the file system, so moving a database now automatically moves the full-text catalogs.

* Full-text search query processor is part of the Database Engine and is fully integrated with the SQL Server Query processor. This means that, the query optimizer recognizes full-text query predicates and automatically executes them as efficiently as possible.

* SQL Server 2005 noise words have been replaced by stopwords. Configuration of stopwords is managed by a new set of stoplist objects. These objects are associated with the database and moved around with it. This maintains the stopword configuration intact during manageability operations such as backup and restore, detach and attach, and copying a database with the Copy Database Wizard.

* Query and indexing performance have improved dramatically in some specific scenarios as a result of integration with other important query components such as the query optimizer.


* New tools help us to understand the raw content of a full-text index and the behavior of a specific word breaker in a given query term or phrase. Several new dynamic management views and stored procedures have been added to facilitate troubleshooting full-text search issues.

* A new family of word breakers improves word-breaking accuracy and extends the set of languages available for full-text search.

* Full-text indexing works with a FILESTREAM column in the same way that it does with a varbinary(max) column. The FILESTREAM table must have a column that contains the file name extension for each FILESTREAM BLOB.

Integrated Full-Text Search makes the transition between Full-Text Search and relational data seamless, while enabling the use of full-text indexes to perform high-speed text searches on large text columns.

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