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Hi Everybody,

I hope you all are doing well.

I would like to thank Amit Bansal, Sarabpreet Singh, entire staff at, my fellow SQL Server Professionals who have given their valuable time in reading my various articles and blog posts due to which L&T Infotech had recently awarded me for Outstanding Contribution in my Current Project as well as the SQL Server Community. My Sincere Thanks to all of you.

Well the journey started around 5 years back when I started working as a Database Developer. My main ambition in life was always to be a good professional in SQL Server. Initial days have been really really tough in my career wherein few of my superiors themselves saying to me that “You can never prove anything in life”,”You are dumb”,”You never think like a Human Being”


Such kind of words use to always hurt me from inside because during the period when i was expecting Support, I was deeply hurt. But I always had faith in God and Myself that I shall keep on working hard, no matter what others say, just do my best and keep on contributing. In the past 3 years period, I slept very less and kept on devoting my time to the technology,have spent most of my time in reading n number of articles published on various websites and in fact I am pretty happy that all such devotion had made me to see a very favourable period today. I am very thankful to some excellent mentors like Bhupendra Valsangkar,Deven Yadav,Prakash Sawant,Rajinder Gill (CTO @ Scalability Experts),Amit Bansal, Sarabpreet Singh,My sisters Neelam,Dimple,Jasvir, Meena, can’t forget my honourable teacher Parvinder Sandhu for always motivating and supporting me which had helped me to be a successful professional. I always say that If one helps an individual in technology then it doesn’t means that he becomes small, Keep serving knowledge and in turn you become a better professional.

At last but not the least, I would also like to thank the iPlus team @ L&T Infotech, you guys have really been marvellous.



Satnam Singh

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2 Comments on “My Sincere Thanks to”

  1. Very well done Satnam. Great achievment. 🙂

    Thanks for giving the credit but you got this because of your hard-work. Gave you the platform you needed to showcase your abilities.

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