PowerShell script to clear all event logs in Windows

Hi Friends,

Here is a powerful powershell script to clear all event logs in windows. Please run in test environment before you decide to use it any further 🙂

Execute this and watch the fun:


wevtutil el | Foreach-Object {Write-Host “Clearing $_”; wevtutil cl “$_”}

PS: The above needs to be executed in Powershell command prompt; Start -> Run -> powershell




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One Comment on “PowerShell script to clear all event logs in Windows”

  1. Hey Amit,

    Tryto use the native cmdlet Clear-Eventlog :

    Clear-eventlog -logname application or

    Clear-eventlog -logname security -computername RemoteComputer or

    Clear-EventLog -logname application -whatif to see before happens

    try get-help Clear-Eventlog -full to a complete help to the cmdlet


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