The SET DATEFIRST function is used to set the first day of the week from number 1-7. In order to know the current first day of the week, @@DATEFIRST is used. T-SQL example for the same is given below.

1_set datefirst in sql server

The DATEFIRST settings effects the day of the week value for a date value returned from the DATEPART function. Let’s see how it is changed.


2_set datefirst in sql server

In above snapshot, day of the week is calculated using DATEPART function. The default value for the first day of the week is Sunday – 1. Thus, the first query returns DayOfWeek as 1 as its Sunday today. The first day of week is then changed to Thursday – 4, thus with Thursday as 1st day of week Sunday becomes the 4th day of the week.

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