SQL function – convert list to table

Here is quick SQL function to convert list to table.

-- sql function to convert list to table
CREATE FUNCTION fn_listtotable
	@list nvarchar(max),
	@delimeter nvarchar(100)
	sno int identity,
	value varchar(max)

Declare @xml XML 
select @xml = cast('<A>'+ replace(@list,@delimeter,
	'</A><A>')+ '</A>' as xml)

INSERT INTO @split       
select t.value('.','varchar') as inVal
from @xml.nodes('/A') as x(t)

The above query exploits the Xquery capabilities of SQL Server to split the delimited values. The function can be used as shown below. There are other methods too however I found this quick and easy.


sql function to convert list to table

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2 Comments on “SQL function – convert list to table”

  1. This only works if the list items are onyl single character strings like A,B,C etc
    It failes when the list items are multiple characters e.g. ABC,DEF,GHI
    In the later case, the returned table has only the 1st character of the list items

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