SQL Rockstars completed Half-century for SQL series

Hi Friends,

I wish to congratulate our new SQL Rock-stars of SQLServerGeeks.com; (not in any specific Order)

Manohar Punna

Ahmad Osama

Kanchan Bhattacharyya

Prince Rastogi


They have shown a new level of dedication by blogging more than 50 Blogs in a series; this is by far one of the best counts in any series within SQL Community. The work they did is commendable and they reached this milestone without compromising on the quality of the blog.

I am sure you must be already following these series but in case you missed it, these are the series written by our SQL Rock-stars:

Manohar Punna

One DMV a Day series

Ahmad Osama

Accidental DBA series

Kanchan Bhattacharyya

One Operator a Day Series

Prince Rastogi

One Trace Flag a Day series


Thanks Ahmad, Kanchan, Manohar and Prince for sharing the wealth of knowledge with us and putting in so much hard work. You must have done a lot of research while blogging.  You all have written excellent SQL Series. I admire you.



Sarabpreet Singh Anand

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020

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3 Comments on “SQL Rockstars completed Half-century for SQL series”

  1. Thank you Sarab for the appreciation. And I would like to thank the whole SQL Community which kept us going. I will be reaching the end of my series soon. It has been a wonderful learning experience for me while writing this series.

  2. Thanks Sarab. It has been a great learning experience, yes lots of research, re-doing things in different ways and so on. Congratulations team and big thanks to SQL Community.

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