SQL Server 2012: DENALI series: SEQUENCE OBJECT – Part 2

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My bad; what I should be blogging as Part 1, I am doing as PART 2. Yesterday, I blogged on how SEQUENCE objects in DENALI behave within transactions. You can see that here;

Today, I want to show you how you can use SEQUENCE numbers instead of IDENTITY columns to insert global serial values in your tables.

First create the SEQUENCE object:

USE tempdb

Next, create two tables:

create table t1
orderID integer default (next value for dbo.TestID),
OrderDesc varchar(50)
create table t2
orderID integer default (next value for dbo.TestID),
OrderDesc varchar(50)

In the above code, you can observe that we have  put the NEXT VALUE statement as a default for OrderID column. This is how the next number of a SEQUENCE object would be inserted for every new record.


Let us insert some data and test:

insert into t1 (OrderDesc) values('AMit')
insert into t2(OrderDesc) values('AMit')

Run the above code 3 or 4 times.

And check what has been inserted:

select * from t1
select * from t2

Here is the output:


This is how you can use SEQUENCE object as a global serial number generator, common to multiple tables. In my next post I shall try to show you a few more things with SEQUENCE objects.




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4 Comments on “SQL Server 2012: DENALI series: SEQUENCE OBJECT – Part 2”

  1. There is no such keyword in Sql server 2008 or it a custom object.I m new in sql server.so please guide me..

  2. HI Rajesh,

    SEQUENCE is not available in 2008 or R2. Its a new feature and is avilable in SQL Server 2012 (DENALI) only.

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